Why Africa?

Montero Mining & Exploration is focused primarily on the exploration, discovery and development of mineral resources in Africa to create value for our shareholders and benefit all stakeholders. The company has a Rare Earth Element and a Phosphate project in geographically prospective and under-explored regions in Tanzania and South Africa, respectively.

The Company has recently embarked on a battery metals strategy and is actively engaged in the identification, acquisition, evaluation and exploration of lithium and cobalt mineral properties in Namibia, the DRC and Zambia. Montero has entered the lithium exploration field with a focus on high-grade lithium LCT-type pegmatite deposits with spodumene as the main lithium-bearing mineral in Namibia. Other valuable base and rare metals are associated with such pegmatite deposits such as tantalum, niobium, tin, and other rare metals.

Montero aims to build a portfolio of value add mineral projects through application, exploration and acquisition and potentially bring such projects to production through joint venture or outright sale. Montero intends to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner while adding value to all our stakeholders and shareholders. We are respectful of local communities in which we operate.